Google Play Music: in Italia dal 13 Novembre!

Finalmente qualcosa si muove anche su Google Play Italia! BigG ha da poco comunicato che il servizio Music arriverà il 13 Novembre anche per noi italiani! Ecco il comunicato stampa.

Nonostante i servizi Movies e Magazines tarderanno ad arrivare ancora per un pò, Music è ormai pronto a debuttare su Google Play Italia. Ecco la comunicazione da parte di BigG a riguardo:

Google Play: More entertainment, more countries
We’ve recently added a ton of great new entertainment to Google Play, such as movies and TV shows from Twentieth Century Fox. Earlier this year we expanded our service beyond movie rentals and now you can purchase movies and build a library of your favorites in Google Play. Today we’re bringing movie purchasing to more countries – Canada, the U.K., France, Spain and Australia.
We’re also excited to announce two new partnerships. We’re now working with Time, Inc. to bring you even more magazines like InStyle, PEOPLE, TIME and others. And we’ve partnered with Warner Music Group who will be adding their full music catalog with new songs coming each day. We’re now working with all of the major record labels globally, and all the major U.S. magazine publishers, as well as many independent labels, artists and publishers.

On November 13, we’re bringing music on Google Play to Europe.  Those of you in the U.K, France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be able to purchase music from the Google Play store and add up to 20,000 songs—for free—from your existing collection to the cloud for streaming to your Android devices or web browser. We’re also launching our new matching feature to streamline the process of uploading your personal music to Google Play. We’ll scan your music collection and any song we match against the Google Play catalog will be automatically added to your online library without needing to upload it, saving you time. This will be available in Europe at launch on November 13 and is coming to the U.S. soon after. This will all be for free—free storage of your music, free matching, free syncing across your devices and free listening.

Sicuramente la notizia farà piacere agli amanti della musica, che finalmente potranno sfruttare il servizio offerto da Google!

Non ci resta che pazientare ancora un bel pò però per vedere anche gli altri servizi abilitati…ricordiamoci che siamo in Italia!