Disponibile la prima MIUI ROM con Ice Cream Sandwich per Nexus S (download)

Finalmente per Nexus S è disponibile la MIUI ROM 4.0 con a bordo Ice Cream Sandwich. Questo è il primo aggiornamento che ci porta sui device, in questo caso il Nexus S, Android 4.0 con l’interfaccia MIUI. Adesso non ci resta che aspettare lo stesso software anche per altri terminali.

Vediamo assieme che cambiamenti porta questo firmware:

Recommended this week

  • Added new notification bar screenshot shortcut
  • Added support for press on the back key and volume up to unlock default lock screen
  • … Added MIUI 4.0


  • Added support for the power button to respond to alarm operation (according to the alarm clock’s settings to turn off the alarm or sound later)
  • Optimized system account login and registration interface supports up slide
  • Fixed data icon won’t immediately disappear when data switches to WIFI connection
  • Fixed sliding to pause task in recent Task Manager will pause the following task
  • Fixed Mi-talk does not automatically log in when logging in Xiaomi account


  • Added new contact information can be added into call records
  • Added long press to increase the menu on call record interface including blacklist, editing before calling and IP call
  • Added call numbers stored with multiple contacts, all relevant contact names display
  • Optimized support emergency call directly (no need dial the area code and 111)
  • Optimized the caller interface default displays lock screen images
  • Fixed covering distance sensor during a call and uncovering, the unfolded keyboard will be put folded.
  • Fixed a blue title bar will appear when firstly entering call head
  • Fixed contact number with prefix appears as a stranger


  • Added support for copy numbers of strangers details page
  • Added local account supports to create new group
  • Fixed in the contact details editing page, select the group name and you will see deleted group names
  • Fixed FC caused by adding a contact to a group in some cases


  • Added volume selection mode on SMS list page
  • Added support for SMS ringtones setting
  • Optimized SMS list and bubble style
  • Fixed adding MMS with download button to Favorite, Favorite icon does not show.
  • Fixed contact avatar is not displayed in a text message
  • Fixed clicking the mass-sending avatar will pop-up rapid operand field
  • Fixed clicking Email contact avatar will pop-up shortcut bar
  • Fixed SMS pop title shows contact number instead of name
  • Lock screen, status bar, notification bar
  • Added support for press on the back key and volume up to unlock default lock screen
  • Added new notification bar screenshot shortcut
  • Optimized USB switch style in the notification bar


  • Added MIUI desktop, starter
  • Added MIUI clock and photo frame widget


  • Added most MIUI themes available


  • Added support for online backup

File Manager

  • Added support for sending audio, video files via text messages

Ed ecco a voi il link da dove potrete scaricarlo:

Download MIUI 4.0 1.12.16 Nexus S

Se lo provate, fateci sapere come vi funziona.