Il massiccio utilizzo di smartphone e tablet, oltre che i moderni ritmi di vita dettati anche dai social network, stanno progressivamente spingendo per l’uso di emoji che, dal loro lancio, sembrano esser ben più di un semplice trend.

Imponendosi alla base del linguaggio tech, le faccine sempre più presenti nell’instant messaging di servizio di largo uso come WhatsApp e Facebook Messenger, stanno lentamente modificando il nostro modo di comunicare. La domanda reale è, sino a che punto?

Emoji e smartphone, un passo indietro per istantaneità espressiva e velocità comunicativa

Il linguaggio ha ovviamente subito delle modifiche nel corso del tempo, e continua tuttora, aggiornando dizionari e modi espressivi sulla base non tanto della grammatica o dello stile, quanto della diffusione di un termine.

Su tali basi le emojis, sin dal loro lancio in Giappone attorno gli anni ’80, pare abbiano trovato terreno fertile grazie alla rivoluzione tecnologica tanto da divenire uno standard per i linguaggi mobile (Android ed iOS in vetta) con un database di 1000 emoticons in costante crescita.

Le tastiere Android sempre più ricche di emoji, emoticons e sistemi di comunicazione visiva.
Le tastiere Android sempre più ricche di emoji, emoticons e sistemi di comunicazione visiva.

La comunicazione testuale pare quindi si stia sempre più indirizzando verso l’utilizzo di messaggi visivi chiari, diretti ed inequivocabili, come tra l’altro dedotto dallo stesso Mark Zuckerberg al lavoro su di un intelligenza artificiale capace di predire le reazioni ed inviare messaggi neuronali tanto immediati quanto le emoticons stesse. >>> Facebook e la lettura del pensiero: il progetto esiste e rivoluzionerà la messaggistica

Un dizionario emojis per sapere esattamente cosa si comunica

Utilizzando sempre più le immagini, grazie anche al successo d’Instagram, per comunicare appare chiaro quanto le emojis stiano collezionando sempre più consensi divenendo primarie per chi utilizza uno smartphone, sia Android che iOS.

Il databate emoji è in costante crescita, ognuna assume un significato diverso nonostante l’espressività donata alle emoticos favorisca anche la libera interpretazione. Se volete esser sempre informati sulle novità, potete ricorrere ad Emojipedia, oppure andare all’elenco smile e faccine per sapere esattamente il significato di ciascuna.

Siete certi di averle sempre usate correttamente?




This is smiling. It’s happy!
This is also happy, and possibly excited.
This is even happier than the happy Emojis preceding it.
This appears to be smiling for a photograph, perhaps?
This is laughing.
This is laughing so hard that a bead of sweat is rolling down its face. Perhaps it’s a bit awkward now.
This is either laughing extremely hard or crying tears of joy. Possibly both.
This is rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL).
This is smiling; the iOS version seems to imply contentedness, though the Google version isn’t as detailed.
This is also happy and contented, despite the mysterious disappearance of its eyebrows.
This has a halo. Maybe it’s in heaven? Maybe it just performed a good deed. Who knows?
This is smiling, but deep down it’s not so sure.
This is smiling upside down. Use this only while riding roller coasters.
This only has one eye.
Or it’s winking.
This is… asleep? Relieved? Concerned because it’s starting to rain?
This is in love — probably with the CoCo.
This is actually eating one of the heart-eyes of the Emoji above, in hopes that its missing eye grows back. Metal.
This is normal kiss
This is pretending to be a duck. QUACK!
This fell asleep while pretending to be a duck.
This smells something delicious and mouthwatering.
This is paralyzed on one side of his body. It’s very sad.
This is in the middle of a KISS cover band performance.
This is obviously a dog.
 This is a premium Emoji.
 This loves doing jazz hands. Jazz hands!
This…describes itself.
This is blind, but still loving life.
This is a clown. In case you need to freak people out.
This is a cowboy. It only works if your phone senses that you’re on horseback.
This thinks it’s smooth.
This does not think the above Emoji is smooth.
This is sad, because its eyebrows disappeared — again.
This Emoji got into the trash while you were out of the house. Shame on you, Emoji!
This just saw something horrifying. Or it’s sleepishly lazy.
This is tired of hearing about your Crossfit regimen.
This is unhappy.
This is even more unhappy.
This is unhappy, because it has boomerangs for eyes.
 This is about to cry. Aw.
This has been traumatized. Treat it with care.
This is extremely frustrated, because he can’t figure out what all the other Emojis mean.
This is so mad that he’s blowing steam out of nonexistent nostrils.
This is gathering energy to activate Super Sayian 2. Stay tuned for several more episodes.
 It’s a pig’s nose.
A software update is available for EmojiBot. Restart now?
This means “no comment.” Or, it means Iron Man. Either way.
This is surprised.
This is surprised and a little bit dismayed.
This feels betrayed.
This is singing. Probably Coldplay’s Yellow.
This is drunk.
This is unconscious.
You don’t want to know what this was doing before you walked in.
This Emoji is getting shocked.
Everything is blue for this emticons, and himself, and everybody around. Cause he ain’t got nobody to listen.
This is nervous.
This is crying.
This is… crying harder?
This is drooling. Maybe it smelled some food?
This is crying even harder than the other crying Emojis. Life must be hard when you have no body and no limbs.
This is either sweating or getting rained on.
This is blowing snot bubbles in its sleep. That’s not a joke.
This is also asleep, but has the common courtesy to keep its snot to itself.
This is worried about a safe falling on its head, Looney Tunes-style.
This is deep in contemplative thought.
This definitely doesn’t think that dress makes your butt look big!
This is grimacing. Not smiling.
This had an unfortunate encounter with Jigsaw.
This is about to throw up.
This is frustrated because his nose is a ghost.
This is visiting Beijing.
This has a fever, and the only prescription is… more cowbell.
This is slowly becoming a mummy. How scary!

*La tabella emoji è frutto del lavoro di DigitalTrends, del quale ne riportiamo il lavoro a scopo informativo

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